I just want to lay on your Chest &listen to your heartbeat

” No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It’s a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength for which his body is capable” – Socrates

As you all know our body is divided into 2 portions such as the Upper body and lower body.

The Upper body consists of the chest, back, shoulders, and arms.

The lower body consists of legs ( thighs, Hamstrings, and Calves ) we have seen the best bodyweight works to train the legs and make them look strong check this out. 

Every muscle has its own importance, an effective workout pan will make them more strong and attractive.

Let’s talk about CHEST, which consists of 4 muscles internally and helps/responsible for moving the arms across the body and up and down, as well as other movements like flexion, adduction, and rotation.

I don’t want to get into the anatomy of the chest and make you all confused with the scientific name, instead, the chest is divided into 3 parts in the upper chest, lower chest, and the Inner/middle chest.

Now that every muscle has its own importance in the body and training them effectively makes them strong and thereby we one can stay healthy and sharp.

-Training chest can be done in many ways like weight training, resistance bands training, TrX bands training, etc. and 

Each of these training formats needs some kind of equipment to build the chest now that we are only interested to be strong without any equipment. 

Let’s talk about some of the best bodyweight workouts that help you train the chest and the different parts of the chest in an effective way.

The best form of workout that helps you build the complete chest is PUSH-UPS 

Yes, pushups are the best form of workout that not only helps you to start your workout as a beginner but also helps you to build your chest strong at home the best part is there is no equipment or chest workout without weights at home.

Though it sounds like the only/ single form of the work out there are several variations to it that make it really effective that targets each part of the chest and make it strong and hard.

Pushup variations in detail:

Some of the pushup variations are as below, these are very simple and more effective.

  • Regular pushups
  • Incline pushups
  • Decline pushups
  • Diamond pushups 

Though we have many forms or pushup variation, let talk some of the basic that can eventually be scaled to a most powerful form of workout or can build on these variations to something intense.

Regular push-up – helps in strengthing the chest muscles and this the beginner’s workout before you move on to some high-intensity workouts or weighted sessions. 

  • If you are new to workout and unable to perform the push up them you can use your knees to start with and slowing progress to a regular push up.
  • To perform a complete regular push up you need to make sure your body posture in the same line and push your chest between your arms, core thigh, and look straight.
  • Incline push up – This is the perfect form that helps in building the lower chest or pecks. You can use a bench or a char at home and hold it with your shoulder width and legs staring to the floor and perform the push as in the normal pushup. check the benefits 
  • The most effective lower chest workout that gives the real shape to your chest.
  • Decline Push-ups – The effective form of workout that helps in building the upper chest 

    -very simple but most effective when performed in a controlled way.

    -Grab a chair or bench and place your legs apart and put the hands on the ground with should width and slowly push your chest between the hands and reach up 

    -squeeze your chest muscle when you come back to the normal position for more intensity.

    Diamond Pushups – The best form of workout that strengthens and builds your inner chest.

  • you can perform the same on the floor or can do the I with a chair for ( incline and decline variations ) for more intensity check this diamond push-ups benefits.

    – Join your hands and make a diamond shape on the floor 

    – place the legs apart shoulder width and slowly push the chest away from the hands and roll back squeezing the chest, this variation is a little hard than the rest check why are diamond push-ups so hard.

    Now that you all are super excited with all these workouts let me also share with you how to make them more effective and a plan that helps you all to achieve your goal of building a strong chest at home.

  • Tips: Always perform the workout at ease, like you need to give the time between each rep that you do. so that you get the time to recover.
  • Remember “ Rome is not built in a day, but they worked every single day “

             Avoid rushing that can lead to injury and does not show any significant results

“The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion.”

“There is no magic pill” – Arnold Schwarzenegger 

-It’s Ideal to do each workout at least 12 reps 3 times, also take the necessary break between the reps for more effectiveness.

-You can do the same with the help of elastic bands that covers your deep tissues and make them stronger.

– Add some dumbbells for extra results not really needed if you don’t have one.

Do check out here for more bodyweight workout-related articles and do comment if you need more to know.

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