Train the biggest muscle of your body ?Part-1

OK, let me ask you all a question, Which is the largest part of the body? Or the muscle in the body? I’m sure most of you have already guessed it where some of you are still confused to answer. Let us get to know what it is and why it’s called the largest muscle or the body part.

As I don’t want to make you all boring talking about human anatomy, we will divide the whole body into two portions like the upper and the lower portions. The upper part of the body includes five major muscles such as the back ( lats ). Triceps, biceps, shoulders, and chest through the upper portion look big to build it you need to train these five muscles individually, which we will discuss in my upcoming articles.

Now, let’s talk about the lower portion of the body that has again different parts such as quadriceps, hamstrings,  Glutes, and Calves though they look different parts they all combine to form the biggest muscle of the human body called as ” Legs ” ” Yes the biggest or the largest muscle of the human body is the lower body that primarily includes the legs. I’m sure most of you may not find it correct, but let’s clear it out.

Before we going into the details let me also tell you that this muscle is the basement for your entire body structure as it carries the entire body weight on them and it’s absolutely important to train them enough, so that it will help you to maintain better position or posture.


In my opinion, it is always good to know the facts and reality of anything you want to work upon, it could be a job or a workout it’s good to have the knowledge which will help you to achieve the desired goal

A LEG which is the largest muscle of the body is made up of quadriceps (Thigh Muscle ) which means it is consists of  4 different muscles. Hence it’s called quadriceps i.e. rectus femoris, vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, and vastus intermedius. Out of all four muscles, only the rectus femoris crosses both the hip and knee joints.


Followed by these  4 muscles we have one more muscle called glutes -The gluteal muscles are a group of three muscles that make up the buttocks: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

Hamstring: Three muscles run down the back of your leg, from your thigh to your knee — the biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus — and help you bend your knee and extend your hip. As a group, they are known as the hamstring.

Calf: The calf (plural calves) is the back portion of the lower leg in human anatomy. The muscles within the calf correspond to the posterior compartment of the leg. The two largest muscles within this compartment are known together as the calf muscle and attach to the heel via the Achilles tendon.

This kind of complex structure of each muscle in the legs makes it the biggest muscle and if you want to live like a king even in your 2nd innings then it is mandatory to train your legs. Also if you want to train your upper body it is advised to train your legs first so that it will complement your upper body.

” Even the most beautiful legs ends somewhere “-Julian tuwim

As you all agree that it’s very important to train your legs so that it can make you stand, walk, jog, cycle, etc. and as a matter of fact, legs become more fragile due to wear and tear and prone to age-related issues such as Keen and Joint pains, Arthritis and end up paying a huge amount for medicine, Instead let make them strong by following some of my self practiced, injury-free leg workouts which I will share you in my following article as part-2.

Meanwhile, do comment and share your suggestions, and don’t forget to workout daily as it will keep you alive.

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